Tips and Q&A

When should I book?

Most local specialty vendors (florists, photo, DJ) in the area only going to take one to two events a day so we suggest that if you like a vendor when you meet them…book them.  A year out is your best time meet with us to get ideas and pricing.

How far do you travel?

Blooms is a tri-state florist.  We have delivered all over the north-eastern part of New York , Vermont and New Jersey.  

How much should I budget for flowers?

If you worry about what  the cost of your wedding flowers will be and it feels like a mystery.  If you want to know where you are within your budget, come sit down with us for a free consultation and let us simplify the whole thing. We’ll make sure you know what the costs are – no mysteries.

Until then industry standards for this area are as follows: 
Bridal party flowers (That includes; couples, attendants and parents) range from $500.00 to $1,000.00. This depends on number in bridal party and flowers used.  
Ceremony flowers start at $250.00 and go up.  The $250 would be the starting price for two altar arrangements and pew or chair bows.
Reception flowers have a large price range.  An easy way to budget is to look at what you are paying per person for food at a venue and use that same amount.  
Ex:  If you are paying $55.00 per person for food at a VFW, a $55.00 centerpiece will match your venue.  If you are paying $150.00 per person for food at a larger venue, a $150.00 centerpiece will match that venues ambiance.
*Please note there is a large range of design ideas that can match almost any floral budget you have. These prices are just to give you a starting point.
Finally, if you have a budget in mind, come prepared to share. We love when we know where you would like to be price wise; it helps us direct you to ideas and flowers that work better for you.

Ask us about rentals.

We have a large amount of glassware, lanterns, pedestals, card boxes and other design elements that we rent out. Also make sure to ask us if you are thinking of doing some DIY projects. It may be cheaper to rent from us than to things yourself.

Where should you go to get ideas online?
These are two of our favorites sites.

Should I share my photo ideas with my florist?

Yes! Bring any you have.  Florists can get a better idea of what you like by what you show us.
Don’t worry if all of your photos don’t match your colors, if you find something attractive, tag it.  As professionals, we see things differently, you may be choosing the same flower or design style.

To preview or not to preview?

 Ask us about our exclusive preview night.

What’s the one thing Mom didn’t have but we think is important?

Ask us for our wedding tip for today’s couples.

One more tip.

Use your vendors knowledge.  We have been working in the wedding industry for decades, and we know what’s available and some of the best places to get things.
If you are looking for something specific–like where to get your hair done or how to afford the photo-booth that you didn’t budget for– ask us.  We may have the tip you are looking for!